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GETTING creative is easy with TAYCO and we are here to help you with a wide range of best-practice and environmentally friendly products, all backed up with expert advice and a complete service.

We constantly research options that are being developed globally, bringing them to your door. One thing you can be sure of – everything we bring to you is best practice and best quality.

Getting creative is easy with TAYCO. But before you start, think about the following:

Choosing your colours:

Colour is a great way to draw attention to your billboard or other advertising. But think about those colours, and seek advice from your graphics house or the TAYCO team.

To make the readability easier, whether your audience is slow-moving or static (in an airport, shopping centre or other pedestrian area) or fast-moving (on the highway) use contrasting colours.

Choose your information:

Take expert advice when putting in your key messages – keep them simple and easy to absorb.

Use the experts to design your billboards or other signage.

The quality of your advertising relies on clear messaging, clarity of colour and attention to detail. Don’t leave it to chance – use the experts at TAYCO to help you design your artwork. We use local labour and services wherever possible but one thing is guaranteed – the best possible result for our clients.

Choose your type fonts:

Fonts should be bold, eye-catching and simple. Particularly when your audience is driving past a billboard at high speed, you need to ensure that your font is of a suitable size and boldness to get your message across in the blink of an eye.

Design Info & Specs:

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